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Freelancers (Graphic Designers & Web Designers)

We are looking for a great JavaScript Engineer (REMOTE) who is proficient with Next JS. Your focus will be on developing the user interface components of a proposed software and implementing them following the well-known React.js workflows (such as Redux or Flux) You will work with other engineers to develop a rock-solid software with great security.


  • Minimum Qualification: Others
  • Experience Level: Mid level
  • Experience Length: 5 years


Job Description/Requirements

Job Requirements:

Experience in developing large scale consumer facing User Interfaces.

Strong command of HTML, CSS (with SASS or LESS), and JavaScript, and strong proficiency in DOM manipulation is a must.

  • Professional experience in React.js and NextJS and its core principles.
  • Strong command of asynchronous programming and familiarity with newer specifications of ECMAScripts
  • Familiarity with dependency management.
  • Make web application responsive across multiple browsers.
  • Experience with data structure libraries (e.g. Immutable.js)
  • Writing re-usable and clean code while maintaining coding standards and familiarity with code versioning tools such as Git.
  • Designing Responsive and Optimized web applications across various devices and web browsers.
  • Integrating data from various backend services and databases
  • Create and maintain software documentation

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