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Artisan- Painting Job

Job Summary

As a full-time painter, your job may require you to work on several different projects. This gives you an exciting change to the pace of your job every day. Painters work on everything from houses and buildings to toys and cars. As one of our painters, you’ll use your creative side to come up with colors and create timelines to keep clients happy. You have the opportunity to use a variety of products to create your masterpiece, even if it’s a plain white wall. You’ll be asked to prepare and mix paints, protect the area around the jobsite not being painted and ensure everyone is safe on the job with the right ventilators and safety equipment.

Job Responsibilities

  • Paint the interior and exterior of buildings and homes, including apartments, townhomes, condos and multi-family dwellings.
  • Work with contractors and subcontractors to design a timeline regarding when it is best to paint an area or structure to avoid problems while building.
  • Collaborate with several other painters on large jobs, using all ideas to create the best possible solution for the job.
  • Protect nearby items or furnishing before and during every job, including outlet covers, landscaping, lighting fixtures, cabinetry and carpets.
  • Complete smaller projects and touch-ups to ensure that paint matches and blends with the rest of the area.
  • Meet with clients, building owners and managers to discuss finish and color options as well as any other design details important to the job.
  • Use safety equipment and ventilators to ensure that everyone on the job is safe at all times.
  • Practice self-motivation and motivating others, as there may not always be a supervisor on hand to direct you.

Job Qualifications


  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Apprenticeship experience in a painting program
  • Valid driver’s license

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